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Consumer Safety Guide

Created to keep the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm. Our website is constantly being updated with the most recent information on the most popular prescription medications and FDA-approved medical devices that could be endangering your health or putting your loved ones at risk. Our mission is to keep you informed and help you make the most educated decisions about your health care!


Programs to Help Pay for Food

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP helps you buy the food you need for good health. You receive a special debit card (called Electronic Benefits Transfer, or EBT). SNAP puts benefits on the card once a month that you can use at certain grocery stores, senior centers, and even some meal delivery services, such as Meals on Wheels.

 Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

This program provides coupons to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, and herbs. You can use the coupons at farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and community programs that grow fruits and vegetables.

 Emergency Food Assistance Program

This program helps you get basic foods, such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, pasta, soups, and beans that are necessary for adequate nutrition. You go to a local agency to receive the food or a free meal.


BenefitsCheckUp® is a free online service from NCOA. It’s one of the most comprehensive websites where you can get information on benefits programs to help pay for food, medicine, housing, utilities, and more. You answer some simple, confidential questions and then receive a personal report showing what programs might be available. For some programs, you can even apply online.

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Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services include:

Check out CARELINK: Family Caregiver Support Program
Click on this link to open a PDF file with details about qualifications and grant information.

  • 24-Hour Telephone Support for caregivers in need of support after office hours.  (1-800-689-6090)

  • Family Education provides family and friends of loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia with critical information about the disease, caregiving, long-term care planning and community resources.

  • The Family Assistance Program provides funds for respite care, legal expenses, moderate home modifications and non-prescriptive medical needs.

  • 57 Caregiver Support Groups, led by trained facilitators in Arkansas, provide a safe environment for our caregivers to share information as well as give and receive support.

  • In-Service Training for Professionals in nursing homes, home care agencies, hospice and other organizations.  CEU’s are available upon request.

  • The Annual “Hope for the Future” symposium provides family and professional caregivers with vital information on caregiving challenges and opportunities to provide the most effective care for your loved ones and patients.